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Develop your English Skills Online

improve-your-englishContinually developing your English skills is one of the MOST important things you can do before you arrive in Australia as an international student, and once you are here. To be accepted for a VET or university program you must prove a high level of English proficiency. Regardless of this, many students struggle to follow lectures, and are not confident while writing essays and exams.


International students in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada often hope get industry-related experience to either support long-term migration or to make their qualification more valuable in their home country. The sad truth is that many of these students do not have strong enough English skills to be successful in an English-speaking workplace. While they may have a good resume, a large number of job applicants do not make it past the interview process, even in industries that have a skills shortage like nursing, engineering, and hospitality.


Drake Student Recruitment has partnered with the award-winning online ESL school Englishlink, which will assist you to improve, and brush up on, your communication skills. 


Online English Lessons

Englishlink-ESL-English-courseWe recommend Englishlink to anyone who wants to develop their English fluency. especially your speaking and pronunciation. You can study on any computer, at any time of the day or night. Start your studies before you leave your home country, and keep studying once you have started asan international student. You should always be improving!

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