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Career Counselling for International Students

Employment Advice For StudentsMany people dream of going overseas to obtain an international qualification. However, it is important to have a career pathway in mind before selecting the program and college/university for your academic qualification.

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Global Employment Experts

Drake Student Recruitment is the ONLY international student agency in the world that is part of a global employment agency. Drake International has been in the recruitment industry for over 60 years, in 9 countries.  The company has many divisions that support employment and training for the workforce.

At Drake Student Recruitment, we believe career counselling is a crucial step in the education agent process. Many of our students have not yet started a career; others are planning a career change, while others are hoping for permanent migration to the country in which they study. In each of these situations, it is important that we not only look at your short-tem plans, but also at your 5-year plan. Where do you imagine you will be living and working? What is your dream job? If you do not yet have a vision or plan, your counsellor will help you to find one!

Knowledge of Employment Trends

Career Planning For Long Term EmploymentIt is also important to know what professionals andoccupations are going to provide you with work the future. Drake's knowledge of the employment market gives us insights into global employment trends and knowledge of industries experiencing an increase or decrease in jobs.  This knowledge is crucial to choosing qualifications that lead to long-term employment.

Some employment facts:

  • In 2013, in Australia 800 students graduated from journalism, while that year 800 journalists lost their job.

  • The top 3 fastest growing jobs, high paying jobs in the USA are: software developers, market research analysts, and training & development specialists.

  • In Canada and Australia, mining is cutting jobs faster than any other sector, while oil & gas is adding them.


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