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Education Counselling for International Students

Education Agency For International StudentsThe are many reasons to get a qualification at a college or university in an English-speaking country like Australia. Whether you plan to study overseas and then return home, or stay post-study to gain further experience in the country in which you study, we will put you on the best pathway for success through your education.



Benefits of an international qualification include:

  • becoming competitive in the workplace
  • gaining international work experience
  • making a career change
  • improving your English skills
  • a new life experience

Our steps to finding you the best qualification & school

Click on each step to learn more about how Drake will assist you:

Step 1: Understanding your goals & background

Education And Career CounselingOur education agents begin by gaining an understanding of your education & employment history, current life situation, and long-term goals. This detailed information ensures we help you select the best qualification, program, and school for your goals.

After receiving your initial inquiry, our counsellors follow up with an interview & questionnaire to gain as much information as is possible to ensure a holistic approach to meeting your needs. Here is a sample of facts that may affect the program you select:

  • Is the qualification going to help you build your career?
  • Do you plan to stay in the country as a skilled migrant?
  • Is your profession on the skilled immigration list?
  • Can you afford the tuition fees?
  • Will you qualify for the student visa?
  • Does your level of English meet the requirements for the education institution?
  • What is your current visa status?


Step 2: Identifying your career pathway

Career Pathway Through EducationMany of our students not yet entered the professional work world. Others wish to start a new career. Would you like to find out which jobs or professions you would be good at?

At Drake, we have an excellent tool to help you determine what jobs you may be perfect for. Our internationally-respected P3 Assessment identifies job profiles the align to your personality traits.

Learn more about our career counselling services for international students


Step 3: Discussing your study goals

Program Course Enrolment AdviceNow that you are clear on the career you will pursue, your education agent will discuss your academic options. Your counsellor has a great deal of knowledge about local education providers, entry requirements, English skills expected, unique services they may offer, and the best courses for your education journey. Together, you will discuss topics including:

  • what type of qualification you will work towards - degree, diploma, certificate, etc
  • the type of institution you want to attend - public or private university or college, English school, etc
  • the timetable you would like - ie evening classes only
  • cost associated with each program being considered
  • the environment you prefer to live and study in - city or regional, small or large institution, etc.
  • services you expect from your education provider - paid internships, social activities, accommodation support, industry connections, etc


Step 4: Enroling you in the best education institution for your goals

Enrolment AssistanceOnce you and your education agent have identified your education preferences, Drake will then research and present study options for your consideration. Once you have selected the school you will attend, we manage every step in the enrolment process. There are many things that have to be done. These 100% free services include:

  • collecting all documents including certified copies of academic transcripts, diplomas/certificates, etc
  • calculating all costs of application process
  • completing all applications forms
  • liaising with institution throughout entire process
  • organizing your Letter of Offer & Conformation of Enrolment


Step 5: Guiding you in your student visa application

Student Visa ApplicationThe tough decisions have been made and you have been accepted to study, but now comes one of the most important steps in your international education...applying for your student visa. Your counselor will help you understand how to prepare for and fill in you visa application. Please note: for more complicated cases, we may suggest you engage a qualified migration agent to assist you with the visa application. He or she will not be part of the Drake team, and may charge a fee for this service. However, most of our students are able to lodge their own visa online in 15-20 minutes, and do not require professional assistance.


Step 6: Organizing Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) & bank account set-up

Overseas Student Health Cover applicationThe final step in the process at last! Drake has partnered with the top companies which offer Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for international students. We suggest health insurance plans based on your life situation - single, in a couple, or as a family.

Getting a bank account is a big step forward for any newcomer to Australia! If you want to transfer your tuition, have money available upon arrival, or start depositing a salary from your new job, you will need a bank account. To make this easier, we have partnered with Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ) to make opening a bank account from your home country easier.

If you would like Drake Student Recruitment to assist you to find a college or university for your Australian certificate, diploma or degree, please click the button below to send an inquiry. Our team will get in touch and start making your dream to study and work in beautiful Australia a reality!


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