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English Requirments for Enrolment

English Requirements For Australia

To be accepting into an Australian college or university, you must have a strong level of English communication skills. You have to write assignments and tests, and listen to lectures, this need to be comfortable in English.

The average IELTS score for universities across Australia ranges from 6.0-7.0, while college (VET) course average 5.5. Your education consultant will inform you of the requirements for each course you are considering.

The level of English you need will be determined by the program you are applying for, and the institution. For example, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) requires an IELTS 6.5 for nursing, engineering or law, while the University of Sydney requires IELTS 7.0 for engineering and 7.5 for law. 

How is my English level measured?

Is you are outside Australia (offshore), you can submit a standardized test result such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, PTE, or OET.

However, if you are a native speaker from an English-speaking country, or have studied in English for the past 3 years, you may not be required to submit a test result.

If you are applying form inside Australia (onshore), you can either submit a test result, or perhaps be tested directly by the school using their own English test.

What if my English skills are not stong enough?

If you English is not strong enough for the program you are applying to, you, the institution will tell you the number of weeks or months of English study required at a partner English school to meet the requirement. You will be tested again at the end of this study period and if you pass, you have direct entry to your study program.

If you know you will be studying English before your main course, both programs will be on the same student visa.

The average English course in Australia is between $220-300/week.  Some students therefore decide to improve their English in their home country and apply again at a later date.