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The Professional Year Program

Professional Year AccountingInternational students make a huge investment in both time and money to become an accountant, IT professional, or engineer. Gaining experience in the industry, for either the job search back home or to continue on a migration pathway in Australia, can be difficult to gain. However, there is a way to improve your employment prospects...and get some extra points!

Learn about the Professional Year in Accounting (SMIPA)

The 44-week Professional Year Program (PYP) provides:

  • cultural workplace training

  • a toolbox for the job search 

  • relevant and authentic employment experience through a 3-month placement

  • 5 points towards a permanent residency application

Let’s chat about your situation and best ‘next steps’ for your career.


Increase Your Chances of Meaningful Employment

Professional Year EngineeringDrake International, Drake Student Recruitment’s parent company, is a global employment recruiter. We know better than anyone the importance of work experience and cultural assimilation when placing candidates into roles. Having a 3-month placement in a reputable Australian business heavily increases the value of your resume.

Drake constantly receives resumes from international graduate. Unfortunately, the majority of these resumes cannot be presented to our employer clients for multiple reasons. The biggest reason? Lack of any genuine experience in your field of study. Having a Masters in Accounting is a highly valuable qualification, but it means very little without any practical work experience.

Throughout your education you should be, or should have been, getting any work experience possible, no matter how short term or how ‘entry-level’. The PYP is perfect for students who did not have that opportunity. As soon as you have your 485 Graduate Visa, we highly suggest you begin the Professional Year Program (PYP) and start to gain valuable experience.

Note of Caution:

There are colleges, training bodies, and migration agents offering extremely inexpensive Professional Year Programs. While cost is obviously a consideration for most students, ensure the organisation you choose will provide reputable internship placements. Working in a tiny business doing menial tasks is not very promising.

Unfortunately, some PYP providers put students into insignificant and useless placements. Other providers may require you to find your own internship – often a very difficult proposition. Finally, be cautious of migration agents that are offering the course at extremely low rates. They may be more concerned about you becoming a migration client after your 485 visa expires, than providing genuine and meaningful PYP options.

Drake Student Recruitment only works with PYP providers that offer high quality employment internships. If you would like information and assistance with choosing your Professional Year Program, please call us on 02 9273 0613.


Increase Your Chances of Migrating

Professional Year ITCMany of you have a goal of long-term settlement in Australia. The perception that having a qualification in accounting is your ticket to migration is absolutely incorrect.

5 points makes all the difference for your future.

For sponsorship or permanent residency, international students are competing against both fellow graduates and skilled migrants who generally have a great deal of work experience. The reality is, English skills are valued over experience, which is valued over qualifications. If your English is not and IELTS 8.0 or higher, experience is crucial. The PYP may be your best opportunity to secure a chance at your dream. Find out more by contacting us today.

Do I qualify for the PYP? 

In order to undertake the PYP, you must have:

  • an Australian undergraduate/postgraduate degree in Accounting/IT/Engineering resulting from two years of study in Australia

  • received, or have applied for, a 485 temporary graduate visa with a minimum of 12 months remaining

  • evidence of relevant English skills

  • completed a skills assessment for your field

Do not wait until it is too late to benefit from this program. The sooner you get experience and improve your resume, the better your opportunities will be.


Contact us to find the best prgram for your goals and budget.