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Getting a Student Visa 

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Student Visa Application AustraliaOver 500,000 international students are enrolled to study in Australia. A large number apply for their student visa while onshore (in the country). If you have an expiring subclass 417, 462, 457, visitor visa, or need a new student visa, we will help you organise your next steps - 100% free! Contact us on 02 9273 0627 or send an inquiry, today.

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Student Visa FAQs

How much will the visa cost?

If this is the first visa (of any class) that have lodged IN Australia, your student visa will cost $550. However, you may have additional charges depending on your situation (you have already lodged a visa onshore, you are bringing a partner, etc)

If you have already applied for a visa while in Australia , for example a second working holiday, then you will have a $700 surcharge added to the $550, making it $1,250. To avoid this extra charge, you might think about going to another country to apply from there. Just make sure you have enough time offshore to get the visa granted!

How long does the student visa application take?

Once you receive your 'Confirmation of Enrolment' from the institution you are attending, you can lodge your visa application. 75% of visas are fulfilled within the following time frame: 14-30 days for onshore applications, but 14 days to 3 months for those lodged offshore.

How do I prove my level of English?

If English is not your first language, the government requires proof of English skills in order to grant your visa. This is not required if you are studying English only.

Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover, known as OSHC, is a student health insurance policy offered by a small number of Australian health insurance providers. Drake will assist you to get the right amount of cover for the duration of your student visa. One year of cover costs approximately $450-500 for a single, but far more for couples and families.

Evidence of Funds

Depending on your passport nationality and the institution you are attending, you may have to prove that you have access to enough funds for your first year of study. Learn more about required funds.

What can I study on a student visa?

You can study almost anything! As long as the course is registered with CRICOS, the program and institution qualify students to apply for a student visa.


Steps in Student Visa Application Process

Australia Student Visa Categories

1. Working with your education counsellor, you will research courses & institutions, and decide where you would like to study.

2. Apply to the program/institution.

3. Receive your 'Letter of Offer' from the institution.

4. Sign the above Letter, and pay the enrolment fee & first installment of your tuition.

5. Receive your 'Confirmation of Enrolment' (COE). This is the dociment required to start your visa application.

6. Purchase your Overseas Student Health Cover

7. Apply for your visa online using Drake Student Recruitment's question-by-questions guide and explanation.

8. Receive your Australian visa!

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Student Visa Work Rights

As an international student, your visa allows you to work for 40 hours in every 2-week period &  full-time when you are in offical school holidays. While you be in Australia up to 12 weeks before your course starts, you cannot start work until the first day of class.


Student Visa Rules

When you enter Australia as an international student, you must follow these rules:


  • attend your classes
  • stay enrolled in your course - if you change programs or institutions, you must apply for a new visa
  • keep your school up-to-date on where you live (they are responsible for you)
  • have enough money to support yourself
  • follow the rules on your working rights