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Privacy Policy

Drake Student Recruitment (DSR) protects your personal & private information. DSR will not sell, rent, or trade you private data without your permission. We also protect your information from loss, unauthorised access, theft, or misuse. DSR collects relevant information from you, including your education, age, and where you live, to assist with our services for you, and to improve our marketing.

This information remains anonymous and does not identify you individually, unless for direct counselling as requested.

We do not send e-mails you did not ask for, and every message we send provides information on how to be removed from the DSR database. When you visit our site, the server records each visit and collects 'click stream data', including your IP address, when you visited, and the pages your were on. Our server also records deposits a "cookie" - a chunk of information that is placed on your computer's hard disk - so the internet browser is recalled during continued visits. The cookie only identifies your web browser, not you personally. If you do not want us the use a cookie, your browser has a setting that will tell you when a cookie has been used. It is important to remember that every time you provide personal information on any website, there is always a risk it can get into the wrong hands!

We do our best to protect your personal information & privacy, but we cannot guarantee the same safety on sites like the Drake Student Recruitment Facebook page, so share your information carefully!

You have the right to know what information we hold about you, so if you would like to see your personal data please email us - we are happy to share it with you.