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Evidence of Funds

Australian Tuition FeesDepending on your passport nationality, and the institution you will be attending, you may be asked to show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover yourself, and your family members if they are joining you.

Refer to the Document Checklist Tool to see if you must demonstrate this requirement. Select you nationality and education provider.

However, although you may not have to show proof in the visa application, you can ALWAYS be asked for proof later should there be concern about your case.


Expected funds for the first 12 months of your stay in Australia:



Per Person

Amount required in AUD $



Funds for a return airfare

Family members

Funds for a return airfare/per person






Fees for the first year of your course

School-aged children aged 5-18










Each child


When considering whether the funds provided are genuinely available, your case officer will take into account factors including:

  • the nature of the relationship between you and the person who is providing the funds, where applicable

  • your income, assets, and employment, or those of the other person who is providing the funds

  • your previous visa history, and that of the person providing the funds.

How can I demonstrate evidence of the funds?

Income tax statement of parents or spouse

You can provide a tax statement for the past tax year in your country to the minimum value of $AU 60,000 for a single student, or $AU 70,000 for a couple.

The income demonstrated must be the personal income of your spouse (who is not travelling with you) or your parents.

If both of your parents are working, their combined income can be considered for this requirement.

In all cases, the evidence of annual income must be provided in the form of official government documentation, such as a tax assessment.


Bank deposit statement or loan

You can prove the funds through at least one of the following ways (multiple sources are accepted):

1.  Money deposit in a financial institution.


2.  Loan from:

  • financial institution – it must be in your name or an eligible family member’s name

  • government of your home country. Note: You cannot get a student loan in Australia.


3.  Scholarship from your Australian Education Provider.

4.  Scholarship of Financial Support from:

  • government of your home country

  • government of a foreign country

  • employer

  • multilateral agency

  • gazetted organisation (Rotary International, Ford Foundation, National Red Cross/Red Crescent)

  • Australian Government

  • Australian State or Territory Government

  • acceptable non-profit organisation

What types of documents are acceptable?

You can provide at least one of the following:

  • tax statement

  • income statement

  • business statement

  • loan documents

  • bank account statement(s)

  • savings history or other evidence of regular income


Further evidence

If there is doubt about your financial stability, you may be asked to provide addition evidence of funds.


You can print this information for reference at a later stage.


Evidence of Funds

Evidence of Funds


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