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Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Status


English Requirements For Australia
In order to receive a student visa, the visa office must be confident that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant, meaning you truly plan to be in Australia TEMPORARILY in order to study (or to accompany a student as a dependent), and then RETURN HOME.


When assessing you as a GTE, your visa case officer will consider:


  1. The circumstances in your home country - immigration is looking for reasons to ensure you WILL return home

    • property your own
    • family members (i.e. spouse, children, fiancé) back home
    • a job you are taking leave from
    • ties to a business
    • etc

  2. Your potential circumstances in Australia.


Examples of situations that may be perceived as 'questionable' include:


  • having personal ties in Australia – i.e. immediate family who may encourage you to stay longer

  • applying for course that is totally different from your past education/experience and/or is on the Skilled Occupation Lists

  • the value of the course you are applying for to your future when you return home

  • how the course relates to what you have studied, what you have been doing for work. You should become familiar with the curriculum & location of the college/university.

  • your immigration history in Australia

  • any other relevant matters

It is not necessarily one main thing that will result in a visa refusal, but a multiple small red flags that add up.

Drake will prepare you for this step in the visa porcess when the time comes.


While your case is being assessed, you MAY receive a telephone interview from your case officer.

You must be prepared for this! 

Speak from the heart about why you have chosen this course,
and how your life is going to benefit from gaining the qualification from an Australia institution.


You can save or print this information for your reference at a later stage.


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