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Steps to Becoming an International Student

Australia Student Graduate VisasDrake Student Recruitment (DSR) provides the expertise and knowledge you need in every step in the process.

From selecting your course and institution, getting you enrolled, purchasing your student health cover, and preparing for your visa application - we help you with it all…100% FREE!

Enrolment & Visa Steps

STEP 1 – Academic Counselling

We collect the information and documentation needed to research the best school and program for your goals. This will include various pricing and qualification options.


STEP 2 – Choice of Institution & Program

We present options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Together we make the decision on where and what you will study.

STEP 3 - Enrolment

On your behalf, we complete & lodge your enrolment form with your education provider. We track the application and answer any questions that may arise.


STEP 4 – Letter of Offer (LoO)

When you have been accepted, we receive your Letter of Offer. At this point, you are required to pay either a deposit, or your first instalment of tuition, in order to be officially registered as a student.

STEP 5 – Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Once your place is secured at the institution, we receive your Confirmation of Enrolment. This is the official document required to lodge your student visa.


STEP 6 - Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC)

The final step in the student visa application process is proof of your Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC). We will assist you to get the right amount of cover, for the best price.


STEP 7 – Student Visa Application

Your counsellor will guide you through the steps required to lodge your online student visa application. Getting your visa granted can take anywhere from a few days to a month. You may receive correspondence from your immigration case officer requesting further evidence or documentation, with which we will assist if these requests are unclear.


STEP 8 - Congratulations!

You are now legally an Australian international student. We will assist you with any advice required in your life as a student. We will always be available to support you throughout your journey!

What are the upfront costs involved in becoming an international student?

There are 3 initial costs to prepare for:

1. Tuition Deposit + Enrolment Fee

In order to be issued your CoE, you are generally required to pay the first 3 months of tuition for most colleges. Occasionally, you may be required to pay the first 6 months (TAFE is an example).

Most colleges also charge an enrolment fee of $150-$200.

You may also have to pay a resources or material fee depending on the program.

2. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

You are required to have health cover for the entire duration of the visa. This amount must be paid up front.

For a single student this is approximately $45 per month, for couples and families the amount is more, and will be discussed with your counsellor.


3. Student Visa Application

If this is the first visa you are lodging IN Australia (onshore), your student visa (500 subclass) will be $550.

However, if you have already lodged a visa onshore (ie. your second Working Holiday), your visa will cost $1,250. Immigration adds a $700 surcharge to all subsequent visa applications.

Note: should you leave the country to lodge, the fee goes back to the original $550.

Adding other people to your visa (i.e. a partner) incurs an additional charge.

Depending on your passport and the institution you are attending, you may have to provide evidence of funds for your student visa application. We will advise as required.


Does Drake charge any fees for our service?

Our service to you is free!

As with all education agents globally, we work in partnership with colleges and universities to assist in marketing, counselling, enrolling, processing, and getting visas for their students. In exchange, the agent receives a ‘referral fee’ for the work.

An education agent should NOT be charging any fees outside of any extra costs related to more difficult student visa applications requiring migration agent/lawyer assistance.

Whether we assist you, or you manage the process directly with the institution you plan to attend, you will pay the SAME tuition fees.  In addition, sometimes we know of special offers at colleges which are not advertised to students. So let us do the hard work for you!


You can save or print this information for your reference at a later stage.

Steps in becoming an international student

Steps to becoming an international student




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